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Party at the Ponds #6

Such a great event. Big thanks to Rich and Jenn Pond for their hospitality each year. Looking forward to #7. Here are some shots of Rodney, Dane and Rich holding it down.




Rodney M


Blood and Steel

Our very own Bob Umbel has been at Phishlips in Dunkirk, Maryland filming for the Cedar Crest Country Club (CCCC) documentary, Blood and Steel. Here is the teaser and a few shots of Bob doing his thing. All photos by: Jon Burgess

Web Bob 001

Web Bob 002

Web Bob 003

Web Bob 004

Web Bob 005

Web Bob 006

Web Bob 007

Rocky Mountain Rampage

We went on the road with Rich Payne, Kevin Reynolds and Rodney Mead to Colorado Springs for the Skate Strong Rocky Mountain Rampage event and what a good time! We met up with our good friends Tony Marle and Zach Lewis, hitting some parks and backyard bowls.

Web 01

Web 02

Web 03

Web 04

Web 05

Web 06

Web 07

Web 08

Poptart’s Gullwing edit

Poptart has a new Gullwing edit…check it!!

Dane Testing

Dane testing out the wood at some of his favorite spots.


Save The Date!!


Welcome to the family Dane!

Stoked to have this guy, Dane Warner, as part of the Seed family!! Welcome to the team Dane! Here is a shot of Dane paying homage to the old Kentucky pipe, before the rebuild.

homagePhoto : Andy Collins

Poptart and Tyler Killing Tampa!

Converse Concrete Jam and TWS Best Trick

March 23, 2015By TWS

Saturday night at SPoT’s new backyard concrete park Converse hosted the Converse Concrete Jam and we upped the ante with our TWS Best Trick over the doorway. An hour of carnage ensued with Jacob “Poptart” Welch getting first place with a first try roof bash, SPoT owner Brian Schaefer throwing up an eggplant for some cash, and ripping from Ben Raybourn, Greyson Fletcher, Chris Gregson, Jake Ilardi, and many more. Watch the chaos!




1. Jacob Welch
2. Tyler Coffman
3. Ben Raybourn
4. Chris Gregson
5. Jake Ilardi

New Wood

Bob Umbel and Steve Workman’s new boards are dropping soon.



Vert Jungle

Our boy Kevin Reynolds got a couple stunts in Thrasher Magazine’s latest video clip.