Using the concept from James Callahan, YES it’s the same guy who did the Demon Seed Maggotpile graphic; we decided to do a Demon Seed version to support local DIY projects. Here is how it works, using a graphic James commissioned artist Brad Bacon to do, we created the Demon Seed Local Chapter “CRETE” tee. All profits from the sale of this tee will go to help local DIY projects in the Central Florida area. How do I get help on my project? You say. It’s simple; Email a picture of your project in progress and a short explanation of why you need help to and if we choose your project we will buy you some concrete or tools to help with your job. How much we will be able to help will depend on how many shirts we sell. How do I buy a shirt? Easy, just click this link, BUY Demon Seed CRETE tee.